This blog, just as the web page does and in which it is inspired, tries to give a different approach to the penis size issue. As can be seen in the AVERAGES section it isn’t easy to find a good value for the mean size, it is rather better to talk about intervals. Just the same way we buy clothes using sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and every size fits different people who aren’t the very same size or in the same weight, the idea is that the same may apply to penises.

This sizes described here are just a tool used to illustrate how common this groups (that we could also consider XS, S, M, L, XL) are, and to give us flexibility when classifying them, because a penis can be considered big for being thick without being long or the other way round

Let’s then define the SIZES, taking always into account that these are guideline values:

FLACCID … to 5,5 5.5 to 8 8 to 10,5 10,5 to 13 13 to …
ERECT … to 10 10 to 13 13 to 16 16 to 19 19 to …
PERCENTAGE 5% 20% 50% 20% 5%

The figures shown have been taken from the averages estimating a standard deviation and assuming that penis size (as many other biological parameters) is more or less normally distributed.

Below you can see an approximate representation done with a tool provided by The Visualiser, a web page to discuss about penis size.

This sizes show how very big and very small penises exist but are very rare, most men are within a normal range, the same way that there is very tall people out there but you barely see them. We don’t see penises that often in western societies, and almost never on erect state, the only ones come from porn or models selected to do so. That, often misrepresents real size the same way that someone who only knew people from watching NBA would think everyone is 2m (6’6”) tall.

Modesty of our society makes this even more important, people with small penises is more likely not to shower on public, not to urinate in public, etc the same way hung guys are more likely to do the opposite. Even when looking at amateur porno, who is more prone to upload his amateur video? The hung guy or the one with a small one?

  1. My own is average but I want It to be bigger

    • It’s great that you see you are average, you may want it bigger, most of guys do, no matter what size they are. But take into account there is no such a proved method to make ones penis bigger except for surgery and that’s quite dangerous.

  2. Weldone 4 d great job
    Pls what is the unit you used 4 d above measurement? & wot is d average size 4 Nigeria

  3. Great site! In general I think the idea of having 5 sizes is great, however, they are not perfect, for example, my flaccid penis length is a size 1, but my length is a size 2, and that’s not even including girth, because I’m sure if there was a size, I would be right on avg. for that (#3 I guess), so it’s hard to say what size are you….

    • Thanks for posting. What happens to you is very common, sizes are not intended to be absolute, one might belong to one size flaccid and to another erect. Although it is somehow explained in the web, maybe it’d better to clarify it a bit more.

    • same here. my flaccid length in size 2, but erect is size 3. So which category I’m in.

  4. steven allen

    its a really good site
    lots of useful information
    i submitted a few pics but not on here yet
    proud of my penis size and how it looks

    • You should add some info about how to measure it.

      Bone pressed? Or from the visible part?
      Ruler? Or measure tape?

      Thank you

      • Thanks for the comment and the submissions. I don’t have much time to deal with submissions, I’ll try to get it done soon or otherwise I will have to cancel that section.

  5. The Penis Myths! The fascination with large penises have been so ingrained into our society that I have inevitably been forced to be interested as well! This is a very interesting site and I think it gives people a more realistic understanding of size. Over the years I became interested in how size correlates with pleasure for women, in a realistic sense. Sex being a very emotional exchange; I wonder how the “idea” of having sex with a well endowed man may well increase the perceptions of pleasure, in an emotional way. For example, a woman who believes she is having sex with a “larger” man, may have her pleasure heightened due to the “idea” of having sex with a large penis. I have also noticed from personal experience, that women tend to overestimate size. For example, I have had many conversations with women regarding their experience with penis size, and according to their testimonies, they reveal that they have had sex with men having penises as large as 9-11 inches. Now, why I believe women overestimate this size is because when they are asked to estimate the length of an object, say a bottle or banana, they often fail to measure correctly and most times will overestimate length. My girlfriend for example believes I have a 7 inch erection length when in fact, my size is closer to 6 inches (an observation that I do not correct for egotistical reasons haha).

    However, it would be interesting to see how size on a physical aspect, correlates with pleasure. My contention, as I wrote above, is that it is more the emotional and mental beliefs that make a “bigger penis” more pleasurable. (Of course not always, I know women who often through maturation through sexual experience, dislike certain sizes, girths, lengths, etc, and prefer medium sizes as opposed to large sizes, mentioning pain and discomfort as the main reasons). Though, I do not know how a study of this type would play out on a moral and ethical scale! But, it would be fascinating to see a study that investigates these ideas. According to a recent study done in Australia, it was found that, yes, women do like bigger penises. But this proves nothing in terms of practicality and mechanical function of bigger penises = more pleasure. It is more of an aesthetic preference, I believe. Again, I think it is the whole idea of “Yeah, bigger means thicker means more pleasure for me…sooo…I want a bigger penis in me.”

    Obviously, I am over simplifying the thought process here. And I’m sure women will read this and a feminist outcry will follow. But, all I am saying is that we are more often swayed by our beliefs than what is actually there. I do concur, however, that there is such a thing as “too small”, but then there is also such a thing as “too big”. Hence, my fascination with the idea of investigating the correlation between size and nerve stimulation in the vaginal area. Nerves are mechanically stimulated; BUT, even more so mentally.

    Anyway the point is, so cool. Want to know more. The fact that I’m here just shows that I am totally aware of my penis and penis size and would have loved it if I had a monster down in my slacks so I wouldn’t have to worry – I really don’t care, but society has MADE me care haha. Just goes to show how infected I am by modern media and pop culture and of course PORN. That in itself is a whole other conversation. PORN; I love it and hate it. I just think it ruins the minds of our youth and, well, everyone who watches it. (Apparently, getting addicted to porn actually has physiological affects on the brain and changes its shape, for the worse – sorry, another time perhaps).

    Ah, and I apologize if what I talked about does not interest you haha.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Harleys R. Toofuknlous

    Hey, Dad; the kids at school say I have a small wee-wee. Is my wee-wee small?
    Does it reach your body?
    Then it’s not too small.

  7. Richard Webb

    I am over 70 years. My penis has always been about 12.2 cm erect (11.9 cm girth) on a good day! So middle of size 2. I have spoken to many women about size. The majority are indifferent, although a minority say that if a penis is too long (size 5) this can be painful if the man is not attentive to the woman’s needs. The most common comment made about my penis is that it feels very comfortable inside the woman and gives great pleasure and orgasm. A slight disadvantage is if the woman moves very vigorously then occasionally it may slip out, but this is easily controlled. Most women do not have experience of many penises, and the number they have encountered have been separated by periods of time. Thus I find that they are not good at judging size – except in the extremes – and are not really concerned with this issue. My penis is usually described as normal.

  8. After having read this site, I have found out that I’m actually in the size 4 category, seeing that I’m within the larger part of normal is pleasing. My flaccid length being 14 cm long and errect 17.5 cm

  9. Madat chatur

    are these sizes in inches or cetimeters?

  10. In fact you guys are doing great here;serving curios minds,bravo!!
    I have never had sex before and I am almost 22yrs;my penis size(erec) is 14cm. I want to know wether I can satisfy a woman in bed!
    Does masturbation have effect on size of penises?

  11. Comparing sizes can be fun – or frustrating. Guys need to remember that size is far from everything; penis health, for example, is VERY important, but often neglected. It helps if guys take extra steps, like using a quality penis health crème to get vital amino acids to their tools regularly.

  12. A great page! And much helpful :3
    Is there a similar page about breasts ? 🙂
    If not you should create one! I’m sure many other women would find this as much helpful as many men does find this webpage helpful to compair and to check if everything is quite well.

  13. Here is a penis vs breast size comparison (based on the US dist’n of penis size vs the US dist’n of cup size):
    AA Cup: 4″ or less
    A Cup: 4 – 5″
    B Cup: 5 – 6.25″
    C Cup: 6.25 – 7.25″ (note this falls within the ideal size for both)
    D Cup: 7.25 – 8.5″
    DD Cup: 8.5 – 9.0″
    >DD Cup: >9.0″

  14. Yo, by measuring myself i’d say i’m about 10 cm flaccid and 17 cm erect. First off, is that very weird or just a little unusual? Second, can you maybe post a way to measure your penis, or maybe some sort of guidance? Thanks for bringing up my confidence btw :]

  15. So if im 13cm, is that size 2 or size 3?

  16. Q&suggestion

    It is great that set up and are running this site. Mesuret was a great resource, but I’ve just realized it’s no longer online. This site is better designed for the user, and you’ve really done summarizing and presenting the penis size studies. I was wondering what size you fall into (to which you may or may not wish to respond) because I know that I can only recognize whether the penis pictured is larger or smaller than my own. I am a 4 erect (17cm) but 3 flaccid, and I have not seen any other erect penis in person except my own. Before mesuret, I actuall thought I was below average. My point is that as a collaborative effort from people with different sizes the problem with the accuracy of the sizes assigned to photographs could be minimized. Some submissions with measured close ups and full body (with face or no face) could also be a better way to have some more accurate examples. As I said, this is a very useful resource, especially for young men, and it is the only torch bearer of

  17. Prefer Anonymous

    Made my heart sink when I found my own picture on size 1 erections. Eighth row, second column.

    • All pictures have been found in the internet, I can delete it if you have a problem with the picture being here.

      • Prefer Anonymous

        No it was much needed dose of honesty. I went to your site to see if there were men smaller than myself. Not many. It took years of insuations and veiled comments to even get me thinking how I might not be stacking up.

  18. I’m a size 5.
    Mine is a minimum length of 13 cm flaccid and that’s on a cold day.
    Fully erect it can reach 21 cm in length.
    Girth is 11cm when flaccid and 16cm when fully erect.
    The measurements were done by my wife.
    I am not exaggerating at all.
    Obviously i’m proud to have this size, but it also comes with some drawbacks.
    When put in all the way, it hurts women! I’ve had several girlfriends before i married and they all (including my wife) hurt when it went in to far! Keep that in mind when you wish for a bigger penis.

  19. What is the method of measurement? because if is nonbonepressed I’m in the size 3, if is bonepressed I’m in the size 4

  20. My wife says my dick is average size but I say no because I’ve seen biger

  21. My Zise is 4 17cm
    What about the thickness?
    I think the thickness will make big different.

    Are the people who have size 5 .. More happy?
    Is it better?
    Are they facing any difficulties?

    • Thickness also presents variability, which is of great importance for condom ussage for instance.
      Being bigger does not make you happier, and people in the big or very big range also face difficulties, such as causing pain during intercourse or not fitting in regular condoms.

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