Size 5

Flaccid More than 13 cm
Erect More than 19 cm
Percentage 5% of men

Size 5 is the size of the big ones, only 1 in every 20 men has a Size 5 penis. However it is the most comon size to find on the internet, almost every single porn star is here for sure. We consider size 5 penises those which are bigger than 13cm (5.1′) when flaccid and bigger than 19 cm (7.5′) erect. The upper limit is not clear and it seems to be men with extremely large penises out there, this means that 22-23cm (9′) penises exist  but they are very very rare.

Flaccid pictures                Erect pictures

These penises look big and heavy, and as we can see below they can be considered in this Size because of length, girth or both: