Size 1

Flaccid up to 5.5 cm
Erect up to 10 cm
Percentage 5% of men

Size one covers what is usually called the small ones. About 5% of men are in Size1, that is 1 in every 20 men, so they are not so rare. As it’s said in the Sizes page, Size 1 includes that men with penis sizes up to 5.5cm (2.2′) in flaccid state and up to 10cm (4′) when erect, the girth would usually be around 10cm as well in erect state.

Flaccid pictures          Erect Pictures

These penises rarely hang down, they rather point out more or less horizontally:


And, as a guide, when they do they don’t usually get to the bottom of the balls:


These penis although small, are usually the ones that grow proportionally the most, you can see that on average they double their size, while the biggest ones tend to grow less. This phenomena is sometimes known as that erection is the great equalizer, i.e. there’s less variation between erect penises than between the flaccid ones. Think it this way, flaccid penises vary from 3 (letting micro penis out) to 15cm which is a 5 times difference, while erect penises oscillate from 8 to 22cm which is less than 3 times more. So it is not weird to find examples of impressive evolutions:


Or even size jumps:

T1 -> T2:      T1 -> ~T3:  


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