The porn and advertising industries have frequently distorted the image of how real penises look like with the inclusion of actors and models which are far away from being a reflection of reality. That is pretty intrinsic to their nature the same way they display fit good-looking people, but in addition to that it is common to find pictures in which the models are in a semi erect state in order to look even bigger as well as photoshoped pictures. Amateur pictures do not escape this trend of semi-erection and photoshop either.

The aim of this section is to show some examples of how this is done to provide a better understanding on how some of the pig penises found on the net are not even that big but rather semi-erections or fakes.

See how in these examples there is a remarkable difference between the fully flaccid state and the semi erect one:

semi_2 semi_5 semi_7 semi_13 semi_14 semi_15 semi_16 semi_18 semi_1 semi_19 semi_17  amateur  semi_9  semi_4

In these other examples the pictures have been directly manipulated to make the penises even ridiculously big:

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As it’s been said, big penises exist and some men have them, porn actors and some models are usually selected for having them. This creates a false idea of what normal penises look like in many men and women, but additionally presenting a semi erect penis as flaccid or deliberately faking pictures makes the problem even worse. One must have this in mind as well as a critical point of view in order not to get a wrong idea.